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Plugin Features

When it comes to plugin features, this exceptional WordPress plugin speaks for itself. Its an all in one files & folder listing WP plugin that can display data from numerous data sources & displays listing in a beautiful way.

Multiple Data Sources

Display files & folders Listing from Web Server, Gdrive, Amazon, Box & Dropbox

List & Grid Design

Listing of files and folder can be displayed in beautiful list and grid design

Easy Data Synchronization

Our plugin periodically synchronizes with cloud storages so that the listing is always updated

File Filter Criteria

Admin can exclude certain files to appear in the listing by the file name & their type

Search & Pagination

Users can easily search the file & folders with help of search box and can navigate to next records.

Authentication Based Listing

Site admins can enable files / folder listing for logged in users only

Display Files & Folder From Multiple Sources

Our plugin can display listing of files and folders present inside a root folder from almost all the famous cloud storage. You can also display listing from a folder present on your web server.

From Custom Directory

Display listing of files & folders presents inside a custom folder / any folder on your web server easily.

From Box Cloud

Display listing of files & folders presents inside a folder on Box Cloud Storage easily.

From Amazon AWS S3

Display listing of files & folders presents inside a folder on Amazon AWS S3 account easily.

From Dropbox Storage

Display listing of files & folders presents inside a folder from DropBox storage easily.

From Google Drive

Display listing of files & folders presents inside a folder on Google Drive easily.

Beautiful List & Grid View For Listing Files

With our plugin, files and folder listing on the website can be displayed into List View or Grid View. Site admin can easily set the listing format from back-end.

Automatically Fetches Latest Data From Specified Storage

Our plugin with the help of cron job, automatically syncronizes with data sources ( Amazon, Google Drive ) to get the latest data from the cloud and saves it to your website database, so that the files listing on your website is up to date with your cloud storage.

Manual Fetch Latest Data From Specified Storage

To instantly update the files listing on the website, site administrator can manually click on the link provided in the back-end to update the website database from the data source so that you can display the latest changes in file listing.

Filter Files Listing Through File Extentions

It's an obvious requirement that site administrators may need to display files with particular extentions only. This can be achieved easily via backend settings and it will fetch and display the files with specified file extentions only. For eg. jpg,png etc.

Exclude Some Files/Folders From Listing

By default all files & folders inside the specified(data target) folder is listed. But site admins can easily exclude some files and folders from being listed in the listing by specifying their names.

Enable User Authentication To View Listing

Site admins can easily enabled user login authentication to prevent unauthorized access to listing. Admin can allow only logged in users will be able to see the listing. Admin can also specify user roles for providing access to listing. The logged in user with those roles only will be able to view the listing.

Search & Numeric Pagination

Site visitors on the front-end can filter the files / folders by specifying the search keyword in search box. Site admin can also setup the numeric pagination from back-end for the convenience of site visitors, if the files and folder listing is too long.

Still Do Not Get What Exactly You Want ? Lets Customize!

We do lots of customizations for our clients around the globe. If this plugin lacks some functionality or needs modification, feel free to reach us. We can customize our plugin to meet your exact business requirements. We take our client requests very seriously.