Cloud computing, is one of the vast or advanced platforms, which is mainly used for storing data or information. It is the only medium, which has made sharing, or management of information easier and even makes the handling of data easier.

Today, here we are going to share all the examples of cloud computing, which make your understanding of all things easier. So, have a look at the information below and clear all your doubts related to cloud computing.

Dropbox Facebook and Gmail

The platform of the cloud has been increasing day by day. There are unlimited options for cloud storage providers and they change according to the requirements of the clients. While it is the leading cloud storage, then Dropbox is the only medium that let the clients ease in sharing and t of the data.

Whereas Gmail is the platform, which is all provided by Google and offers unlimited storage to their customers. It is one of the major sources which is beneficial in sending and receiving emails.

Whereas Facebook is the medium, which is the combination of both Gmail as well as Dropbox. It involves sharing of data including images, videos, and status. It is also having a messenger, which involves sharing data along with the users.

Maropost, Hubspot, and Adobe Marketing Cloud

These are the platforms, which are used for digital marketing, and these are the platforms, which are important in targeting more leads. It is a very much easy to use digital marketing platform, which is also used for improving leads. Moreover, it is also used in messaging apps and offers ease in exchanging data.

SlideRocket, Amazon Web Services, RataType, and Adobe Marketing Cloud

While it is about education, then these are the cloud services platforms, which are used by the students. These are the platforms, which has made the educational sector more advanced. Students are also using the same for making presentations and even for web conferencing.

Whereas Ratatype is the platform, which is mainly used for improving typing and improving or calculating the typing performance.

ClearData, Dell’s Secure healthcare, IBM Cloud

These are the cloud computing examples, which are used within the healthcare industry. It is very much beneficial in transferring, storing, and sharing data. With the help of cloud computing, it becomes quite easier to provide all the necessary health care services to the patient. Moreover, along with cloud computing, it is quite easier to update the data of the patients.

IT Consolidation

Cloud computing is a vast medium, which is also used in the Government sector, where all the information of the citizens can be handled quite easily.


At last, we hope that you have all cleared with the biggest examples of cloud computing. We believe that after reading the above information, a lot of your doubts related to cloud computing have been cleared.