As we work harder to realise the vision of a paperless office, we know that good document and file management systems are required to make this a reality. The good news is that there are some excellent document management plugins available for WordPress users.


WP Display Files Pro

WordPress Display Files Pro comes with a lot of cool features. Users can display file and folder listings from many data sources using the all-in-one WP Plugin. Display files and folders from Web Servers, Google Drive, Amazon, Box, and Dropbox Storages in either list or grid formats. Synchronize changed or deleted data from many data cloud storages in real-time. You acquire Exclusive Admin access, which allows you to filter files by file name and type.

WordPress Display Files Pro is a versatile plugin that allows users to search for files and folders while also improving page navigation. Site administrators can also grant users security permission to enable file and folder listings from cloud storage.


The Document Library Pro

Everything you need to add, manage, and display your files and documents is included with the Document Library Pro plugin. It offers four easy ways to add files to the document manager: drag and drop file upload, individual file upload, and bulk upload from a CSV file.

Outside of the Media Library, the papers are saved in a distinct area of the WordPress admin, making them easy to handle. On the front end, the files and papers will be displayed in a searchable, sortable table style. Customers can choose from a variety of layouts, and they can utilise the rapid AJAX search and filters to swiftly discover the documents they need.

All file types, as well as embedded audio players, video, and other multimedia content, are supported by this document management plugin. It’s widely used for a variety of purposes, such as constructing a WordPress music library, video gallery, eBook library, and so on.

The plugin is simple to install and use.


Download Monitor

Download Monitor is a web-based application that allows you to upload and manage downloadable files (including multiple versions), put download links into posts, track downloads, and sell them. This plugin is useful if you wish to keep your files organised.

You can easily track the number of downloads a file has received, as well as use shortcodes to connect to such files. Download Monitor allows you to organise your downloads by categorising, tagging, and adding other metadata. There’s even more! You can also add numerous file versions to your downloads, each with its own information such as the number of downloads and file links.

The Download Monitor plugin also comes with a number of layouts for presenting your downloads in a more professional manner. More powerful extensions to manage your document files include Page Addon, Amazon S3, Buttons, Email Notification, Downloading Page, Google Drive, Captcha, and more.

Finding the correct file management WordPress plugin for your needs is a crucial step to take early on in your journey, whether you’re looking for a solution to list papers, files, or even digital downloads.