Your website is a library filled with files and folders – ones you upload, create, edit, or delete. You can go ahead and take care of all this technical stuff yourself. Still, as your site grows, you might benefit from not only making browsing more accessible than ever before but also provides security at its finest. You can do this  by ensuring that no one can get access unless they have permissions from within their account settings. A brilliant way to keep track of all your files and folders, the best plugin for managing WordPress installations lives with you on every single device. Here are the best three WordPress file manager plugins:

Wordpress backup

The name itself speaks for the plugin. It provides a great way to display all the files on your server and allows you to sort them as per their type or name, whichever comes first.  With this plugin, you can also preview the files within your file explorer, which means that if you are looking for a specific type of content, it becomes much easier to find out.

WP Media Manager

As much as this plugin does help you manage the media files, it also provides complete support in finding out which ones are missing or flawed. On top of that, its virtual folder system allows you to use templates for easy access and better organization. It even has an experimental search function if you do not want to go about the entire process.


It has almost all the features you can ask for in a competent file explorer, making it one of the most sought-after WordPress plugins. It has a dynamic media library, image resizing feature, batch processing options, and much more. Furthermore, if this is not enough, it also provides the user with sorting capabilities, so you can find out what exactly it is that you are looking for.

A simple UI makes it easy for users to use and gives them the freedom to organize their files as per their preference. It also provides support to more than 100 languages which makes it more customizable for the users.

The Bottom Lines:

No matter how much you use your WordPress installations, sooner or later, you are bound to ask yourself whether there is a better way for organizing the files within them. A few simple plugins can do just that for you by providing complete support and customizing your experience with a whole new world of opportunities.