We all know what chaos a hard disk crash can cause, especially now, in the era of working from home. Not only are hard disks costly to replace, but also your data may be lost forever.

On the contrary, the advantages of keeping your media files in the cloud are numerous. You can access all of your data from any device with an internet connection and browser, or via a mobile app.

Physical devices are no longer imperative for storing data. Data stored in the cloud can be accessible at any time and from any location, making it simple to manage several projects at once.

WordPress documents download makes sure you can access your data anytime anywhere.

The following are some of the advantages of storing media files on the cloud:


Keeps your data safe: As time goes on, cloud services have become more secure. Internal servers that contain your data are equipped with sophisticated firewalls and other security features that ensure that all of your information is protected at all times. Media firms are getting more well-known for their Cloud support, which means files are kept safe and organised in a way that is growing more secure with each upgrade.


Conserve space: You can avoid having to buy physical storage devices by storing your data in the cloud. Having all of your data in one location makes managing and accessing it much easier. If you’ve invested money on DVDs or CDs to protect your data, they may be destroyed or lost.


Constantly updated: Have you ever tried to bookmark a page only to discover that it no longer exists? When you try to load a page on your device, you might receive an error message stating that it has been removed.

You can stay up with the latest web pages and media items that become available to download by saving data on the Cloud. You’ll never be caught off guard by an out-of-date file or a link to a page that no longer exists.


Seamless communication: If you’ve never worked with a Cloud hosting business before, it can be difficult to contact them for help if something goes awry. You might be unsure how to approach them, and you’ll probably have trouble understanding some of the email lingoes.


Better accessibility: Because media products are frequently watched on several devices, they must be available on a variety of platforms. It means you can use the Cloud to access your videos, music, games, and other files from anywhere. Cloud-based storage employs compression techniques to allow your data to be accessed by multiple devices without taking up a lot of memory. It allows you to stream your material from anywhere, and you may save data by using the ‘offline mode’ feature.

The cloud, like the laptop before it, provides a new level of data portability. You don’t need to carry about a laptop, USB stick, or external hard drive if you use cloud storage. Downloading and adapting to the WordPress media library ensures you don’t have to deal with the hassles of losing data. The cloud is engineered for portability, with all of your data accessible from everywhere you can connect to your cloud account.

It is an even better and easier option to employ the benefits of WordPress Plugins like WP Display Files Pro. WordPress Display Files Pro comes with a lot of functionalities. Users can display file and folder listings from many data sources using the all-in-one WP Plugin. It shows files and folders that have been saved in root folders on major cloud storage platforms.

Within the WordPress configuration panel, the plugin allows site administrators to display file and folder listings in grid or list formats. Listings can be viewed with dark and light theme backdrops, and edits can be made in these modes as well.