Are you working on Google Drive? Do you want to fetch all your data from your existing Google Drive to your WordPress website? If your answer is yes, then here we are going to introduce a plugin namely WP Display files, using which you can overcome all your expectation related to handling your work related to Google Drive. If you are working on a WordPress website and facing problems while fetching data, then the above post will be very much beneficial for you. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

Having List and Grid Designs

Sometimes, you may need to display your content in the form of a list or the form grids. And in this case, the only thing which is very much beneficial for you is the WP Display Files. With the help of display files, it is very much convenient to show folders in the form of a list or grid.

Offers easy data synchronization

Synchronize your data present on your Cloud storage easily or update your data in real-time with the help of the plugin. Within a few steps, you can easily synchronize all the data present in your Drive. It is very much convenient.

Search and pagination available

Searching or pagination of the data available is very much easy with the help of the plugin. While you are having multiple folders or files, then sometimes, it becomes very much difficult to find out a particular folder. But fortunately, it becomes very much easy with the help of the search and pagination feature available in the plugin.

Add Authentication based listing

Add more security to your cloud storage with the help of the authentication-based listing. Whether it is your file or folder you can easily add authentication with the help of the plugin.

Why you should opt for the WP Display files?

Many reasons make you opt for the WP Display files and here we have a few of them.

  • Completely save Plugin
  • Best option to use for a WordPress website
  • Easy searching and pagination are available

Offers File Filter Criteria

Beneficial in displaying files and folders from multiple sources, which includes box cloud, dropbox storage, Custom Directory, Google Drive, Dropbox storage, and many more.

Offers automatic data updates

Receive automatic data updates on your WordPress website for the plugin. It means you do not need to update your plugin on the regular basis. So, grab this advantage today and stay free from the stress of updating your WordPress website.


At last, we hope that you have all cleared with how a WP Display file is beneficial for you in giving a new look to your folders present in the Google Drive. So, make your website look great while choosing the plugin.