Do you want to store your files on the Cloud? With Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive all available as options for file storage, something will work best depending on your needs. It’s not just about the files on your computer anymore. With all these new storage options out there, how do you choose which one will be best for what? All these services have pros and cons, which may make them better suited than others, but it still comes down to preference in the end.


The Box is excellent if security and privacy matter to you. It is a secure platform for collaborating and sharing.

Key Features:

  • It also provides remote access so that everyone can view or edit documents at any time.
  • You can access the Box on many devices.
  • It is a massive bonus if you are always on the go. Box also allows users to send sensitive material.

One downside of Box is that it does not have a desktop app or sync software available. You must log in through your web browser. Many people also don’t like having all their content stored on one server. If anything happens to Box, you are at risk of losing all your files.



Dropbox is the most popular storage option for many individuals and businesses because of its easy user interface that allows users to send or share data quickly.

Key Features:

  • You can also access files from anywhere.
  • It is excellent for sharing information without sending an email or having to go through any trouble.
  • You can also delete files from anywhere on Dropbox, but it does take some time (usually up to 30 days, depending on your plan).

It also offers things that Box doesn’t like: unlimited storage and two-factor authentication, which provides an added layer of security for your account.


Google Drive

Google Drive is almost like Dropbox but without some of its limitations.

Key Features:

  • It does not have any file size limits, which is excellent news if large file sizes are a necessity.
  • Google Drive also has the option of unlimited storage, but it can get expensive depending on what plan you choose.
  • You can create folders for your files to live in and sync them across devices to be accessible anywhere.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) is an excellent option to store and share large amounts of data.

Key features:

  • The service comes with multiple APIs, access control, and file versioning which are all great qualities in storage software.
  • You can also enable SSL connections for increased security.
  • It doesn’t come cheap, though, and you will have to pay for every gigabyte of data you store.

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They may also recommend a storage reclamation service that can help cut costs if you are storing too much data.

The storage solutions will depend on your needs. If you are looking for a free service with few restrictions and easy to use, Dropbox is a good option. For businesses that need more control and space, Amazon S3 or Google Drive may be better choices. Whatever you decide, make sure your chosen solution meets your requirements and can scale with your data. To make use of these popular cloud storage, Our files & folders listing plugin is easy to configure and use using shortcode.