If you’re looking for a way to simplify your life, hosting WordPress with a managed WordPress host is the best option. With this type of service, you will never have to worry about backups or security patches again because they handle that for you. In addition, most hosts offer plugins and themes pre-installed on your site, which makes it easy to get started with minimal technical knowledge. Read on for all the reasons why managed WordPress hosting is the best choice.

managed WordPress hosting

1. You Don’t Have To Be A Tech Pro

Hosted WordPress hosting means that every aspect of your site is handled by someone else. Instead, the host takes all of that for you and gives you access to a control panel where you can make changes to your site or add new content. It can save serious time and headaches. It can be a massive help if you’re not a tech pro because you won’t need to worry about making backups, applying security patches, or installing plugins and themes on your own.

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2. Managed Hosts Keep Your Site Up-To-Date

One of the essential parts of having a website is ensuring your content is safe and secure. It means there is no risk of any security holes leaving you exposed to hackers! The best-managed hosts not only ensure that your site is safe and secure but they also update all of your plugins and themes for you as soon as patches or updates are released.

3. Hosts Handle All Technical Problems & Website Maintenance

The best thing about managed hosting is that the host handles all technical problems for you. It means no more worrying about your site going down or security issues because a host will be there to take care of the problem as soon as it’s detected! They also handle any scheduled maintenance and can scale your site up or down as often as you need them to.

4. You Will Have Unlimited Pageviews

With most non-managed WordPress hosts, your site will come with a limit of how many pageviews it can handle per month (when you reach this limit, no one will be able to see your website). With managed hosting, you never have to worry about this. You can also expect unlimited page views with most managed hosting plans which is great if you’re looking to grow your site in the future.

5. Your Site Will Be Faster & More Reliable

Most hosts offer WordPress caching plugins pre-installed on every site they create, which will make your site much faster and more reliable. It can be a massive improvement if you’re looking for low bounce rates and higher conversions. In addition, the host is usually an expert or has a team of experts devoted to ensuring your site is running as quickly and smoothly as possible. It means minor time troubleshooting and more time growing your business.

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