Every day we store more and more data online. The cloud has become a repository for our digital memories, from work files to family photos. The problem is that most people can’t keep up with the bandwidth needed to upload their content from computer to computer or even from device to device. Let’s take a look at some popular WordPress plugins that allow you to upload documents or other files directly from your computer into the cloud. This article will show you how five WordPress plugins will help make your life easier by storing your files in the cloud.

#1. WP Display Files Pro

With this plugin, you can get your files on any device in minutes. Not only does it support local and cloud storage providers but also network sources like dropbox or google drive as well.

Mentioning some more cool stuff about this plugin: “It enables users with exceptional features such as displaying file and folder listings from multiple data sources.”

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#2 Leopard Themes File Uploader

If you are a user of the cloud storage service, Google Drive, Leopard Themes File Uploader will allow you to easily add a file manager to your website, which uses the power and speed of Google Drive to access your files. It’s also compatible with all Cloud Storage Providers [Dropbox, Bitcasa, Google Drive, OneDrive].

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#3  WP Offload S3

This plugin provides you with the ability to upload your media files instantly to Amazon’s cloud storage service. You can automatically or manually offload uploaded media files from your website’s server to save on bandwidth costs and reduce page-loading times. You can also use this plugin to upload images and other files directly from your desktop computer or mobile device to Amazon S3, thus allowing you to access them from anywhere.

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#4  WordPress Backup to Dropbox

This feature allows WordPress users the ability to store a copy of their website off-site. It offers a simple solution for backing up a site so that it’s safe if something happens to your hosting provider.


#5  Infinite Uploads

It is the perfect plugin for hosting images, videos, or other media files in Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage accounts. It keeps your pictures uploaded on the cloud after uploading them and also maintains a copy of it on your website if you wish to.

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One of the major benefits of using cloud storage for WordPress is that it enables your visitors to access your files anywhere. Unlike traditional file hosting services, cloud storage offers fast and secure ways to upload and manage data online, offloading this burden from your site’s server. With free and paid plans available, everyone should find an option that works for them.

If you are looking to use cloud storage with your WordPress site, visit wpdisplayfiles.com. This article has provided you with some new insights into the possibilities available to you. Cloud storage is becoming more popular because people want a quick and easy way to upload, store and share information online. Don’t be left behind. Using a cloud storage plugin will go a long way in helping with your online presence today.