When you are a WordPress websites designer or a developer, then you may aware of the working and advantages of WP Display files. But still there are a lot of things, that you may do not know about this. Today, here in this post, we are going to share all about it. So, that you can have all about it.

The above post is very much beneficial for all those, who are seeking to add WP Display Files into their WordPress website and want to know all the information about it. So, if you are among such developers, then you must check out all the information below:

Best option to fetch data from multiple storages

No matter, which option of cloud storage you can using, you can easily fetch all your data easily with the help of the WP Display files. Some of the major cloud storages that WP display files accept are custom directory, box cloud, Amazon AWS S3, Dropbox storage, and many more.  So, it does not matter, which option of cloud storage you are using, you can easily fetch your data to your WordPress website with WP Display Files.

Receive automatic updates

Sometimes, we do not get enough time to update our plugin, which make us to miss important feature of a plugin. But it does not happens along with you, while you will choose WP Display Files. It will get automatically updated  and you do not get worried about updating your plugin on the regular basis.

Add filter to the listing

Add filter to your listing and make your files to get easily searched while adding filter to your listing. Moreover, when you need to update your files or folders, then the only thing which is very much beneficial for you is the WP display files.

Exclusion becomes so easy

Sometimes, you need to exclude any particular folder from your cloud storage, and it becomes quite difficult to do so. But it will all becomes easier with the help of the WP Display files. So, when you need to exclude any particular files, then using WP Display files will be very much beneficial for you.

Add User Authentication

With the help of the WP Display files, you can also enable user authentication to prevent unauthorised access to your WordPress website. Moreover, along with the plugin, it becomes very much easy to specify roles to particular person.

Search & Pagination becomes easier

WP Display File Pro empowers site guests to look for explicit records and envelopes on the frontend or graphical UI through document and envelope names. Webpage executives can likewise arrangement pagination from the site backend for website guests to effectively explore the posting pages.


At last,  we hope that you have all understood about the things that you should know about WP Display files. So, add this amazing, secure, and advanced plugin into your website to decrease your workload.