Using the WP DISPLAY FILES plugin, the Permission module allows restricting files for assign role-based permission. In this plugin, the admin can display storage files according to role-based which type of user can see & download these files and folders from frontend and also that user is a logged-in user or not logged-in, it can be decided by the admin.

How to assign Role-based permission to view Files on the frontend

Step 1: Please login to the WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Add or Edit Shortcodes page.

Step 2: On this shortcode, the page scrolls down to the ‘Permission Settings’ section.

Permission Setting

Step 3: In this section, enable the “Login Required?” button.

Login Required

Step 4: In the same section go to the “Roles” tab and select “Roles” according to your requirements. Which type of user roles do you want to required logged-in or not logged-in, to access files/folders.

Permission Roles

Step 5: Enter login required message in given “Login Required Message” textbox which displays when user not logged in.

Permission Required Message

Step 6: save the permission setting. These selected user’s roles required logged-in permission to view this file page.

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