WP Display Files Plugin requires the usage of the AWS ‘API Key’ & ‘API Secret Key’ to display AWS files on the frontend, in order to work properly. To create a shortcode of the AWS in WP Display File Plugin You need to create the ‘API Key & ‘API Secret Key’.

Generate Amazon (AWS) API Key & API Secret Key

Follow these steps to get an AWS ‘API Key’ & ‘API Secret Key’ :

Step 1: Please visit the AWS console and log in with account details.

Step 2: Once you are logged into AWS Management Console, click on All Services and then click on IAM under Security, Identity, & Compliance.

AWS Managment Console


Step 3: Now click on “Users” in the left menu of the AWS dashboard.

Identity and Acess Management Console

Step 4: On the User page, click on the “Add User” button to add a new user.

Add User

Step 5: Enter the user name in the displayed input field and then select the Programmatic access from the Access type. After that, click on the Next: permission button.

Set User Details

Step 6: On the Set permissions page, click on the third tab Attach existing policies directly tab. When you click on this tab, search for AmazonS3FullAccess policy through the search bar. You will find it in the checkbox list. Enable this policy’s checkbox & click on the Next: Tags button. Tags page has some optional info so skip it and click on the Next: Review button.

Set Permissions

Step 7: On the review page, after reviewing all the information, click Create User and download the CSV which contains Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Enter these credentials in the form displaying on the left side and save settings. A connection with Amazon S3 will be established.

Permission Summary
Access Key and Secret Key Id

Amazon S3 setup is now complete. Now you just need to create a shortcode to display files and folders listing from Amazon S3.

Once you are done with setting up credentials, now follow this tutorial to quickly display listing using these keys.

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