Using the WP DISPLAY FILES plugin, you can display file & folder storage structure on the frontend using a shortcode. You can create a shortcode to display files & folders from your storage on the frontend. To connect with the storage we have easy to use setup wizard which makes your job easy.

Also, the Permission module allows restricting files for Logged-in users only or you can assign role-based permission. Admin can display storage files only logged-in users using the following steps.

How to restrict files for logged-in users only

Step 1: Please navigate to the ‘WP Display Files –> Add/Manage Shortcodes’ page.

Step 2: Edit your created shortcode and scroll down to the ‘Permission Settings’ section.

Permission Setting

Step 3: In this tab, you will see the “Login Required?” button, enable this. Enable/disable according to your requirements.

Permission Enabled

Step 4: Save this permission setting, Only logged-in users can see the displayed files on this page.

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