This plugin requires the usage of the Box ‘Client ID’ & ‘Client Secret Key’ to display box files on the frontend, in order to work properly. To create a shortcode of the box in the WP Display File Plugin You need to create the ‘Client ID’ & ‘Client Secret Key’.

Generate Box Client ID & Client Secret Key

Follow these steps to get a Box ‘Client ID’ & ‘Client Secret Key’:

Step 1: Please visit the Box Developer website and log in with account details.

Step 2: Create a custom APP and select User Authentication(OAuth 2.0) and Insert App name.

Custom App
Custom App

Step 3: In Configuration Tab, Copy your Client ID and secret ID and paste it in a safe place for later use.

OAuth 2.0 Credential

Step 4: In this step you will need to enter your current backend page url. ( Redirect url will be in following form : )

OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI


Just copy your current backend page URL and enter it in the Redirect URI field as shown in the above image.

Step 5: Please make sure you have enabled Write All files and folders stored in Box.

Write All files and folders stored in Box

Step 6: Click on Save Changes. Copy and paste Client ID & Secret ID and enter in the form appearing on the left side and save settings.

Box setup is now complete. Now you just need to create a shortcode to display files and folders listing from Box.

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